AMBRE NOIR mysterious black bottle keeps hidden from the light a unique elixir which will only reveals its true nature to the ones willing to discover the unknown.

Like Amber, this precious Cognac retains the marks of time and reveals them to the connoisseurs able to contemplate and discern their subtlety.

PASQUINET AMBRE NOIR is a hitherto unseen blend with different characteristics from the traditional Cognac qualities as it allies certain typical aromas from old “eaux-de-vie” with freshness and vigor of younger ones.

Tasting Comments

Aspect: Intense amber

Nose: Fine and elegant, we discover a unique woody character (Oak, cocoa) punctuated by subtle notes of iris flower.

Mouthfeel: Ample and mellow, a wide palette of woody and spicy flavors develops harmoniously, finishing with notes of fig and morello cherry. Long and silky finish.

Flavors Intensity


Tasting Advices

AMBRE NOIR is an invitation to create and discover the unknown. Its unique character, as surprising as pleasant when tasted pure, allows to reinterpret numerous classic cocktails and open new possibilities to create unseen combinations.

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